Latest Pesticide News For Applicators 05/31/2024

EPA Enhances Pesticide in Water Calculator for Better Pesticide Safety

Safer Pesticide Use with Enhanced Pesticide in Water Calculator

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is optimizing pesticide safety with an improved Pesticide in Water Calculator. The updated tool now features faster processing times and an easier-to-use interface, enhancing both ecological and human dietary risk assessments. The calculator allows for multiple pesticide simulations at once and includes automatic calculations that save users extra steps. With its attention to practical application factors, it improves exposure estimates and supports thorough risk assessments.

Navigating the New Features of the Pesticide in Water Calculator

The updated Pesticide in Water Calculator offers substantial benefits to users. A key feature includes automatic estimations for spray drift, removing the need for users to execute a separate run. The tool now enables users to account for application timing factors like weather which play a role in estimating exposure. These features aim to make pesticide risk assessment more precise and hassle-free.

Enhanced Transparency and Engagement

In line with EPA’s commitment to transparency, the updated Pesticide in Water Calculator is made publicly available. This empowers stakeholders to use it as a resource when making submissions to the EPA. Providing reliable, up-to-date information is part of the EPA’s ongoing efforts, with updates to the model anticipated with significant changes.

EPA Pesticide in Water Calculator – Key Upgrades
Faster, More User-friendly Interface
Ability to run multiple scenarios simultaneously
Automatic drift estimator for pesticide droplets
Inclusion of practical application factors (e.g. weather)
Open access for public use

[Use EPA’s Pesticide in Water Calculator]( to make your pesticide application safer and more efficient.

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