Latest Pesticide News For Applicators 05/23/2024

Latest Update on TSCA Inventory by EPA: Comprehensive Guide on Pesticide Safety

Introduction to the Updated TSCA Inventory

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has unveiled the most recent update to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Inventory. This inventory is a comprehensive database of all existing chemicals manufactured, processed, or imported within the U.S. It serves as an essential resource for manufacturers, including importers, guiding them on what chemicals should be reported on under the CDR rule.

Key Updates to the TSCA Inventory

The TSCA Inventory currently lists 86,770 chemicals, with 42,377 actively used in U.S commerce. This update has also introduced modifications to regulatory flags and commercial activity data. Other significant updates include the public listing of certain chemical identities that were previously confidential, enhancing transparency and accountability.

| | TSCA Inventory |
| Total Number of Chemicals | 86,770 |
| Active Chemicals in U.S. commerce | 42,377 |
| New Public Chemical Identities | 133 |

Importance to Pesticide Applicators

For pesticide applicators, staying informed about the latest TSCA inventory can significantly improve their pesticide safety practices. This inventory offers critical information regarding the chemicals they might be engaging with frequently. Accessing this information can enable these applicators to better adhere to safety protocols, understanding potential risks and precautionary measures associated with each chemical.

Access the TSCA Inventory

For more information and access to the TSCA Inventory, visit the official EPA website:
This resource-rich platform offers detailed insights into each chemical, helping users navigate their decisions about chemical usage and handling.

Stay Updated

Stay in the loop with EPA’s regular updates. Contact us for any pesticide and TSCA questions at and respectively.

Remember, knowledge is the first step to ensuring pesticide safety!

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