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Join EPA’s Webinars on Reducing Lead Exposure: A Step towards Pesticide Safety

Understanding Lead Exposure: EPA’s Upcoming Webinars

Register for the upcoming Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) webinars on the potential hazards of lead exposure and effective ways to reduce it. These sessions are designed for community leaders with a background in community education and training. The webinars will introduce and explain the Lead Awareness Curriculum, a vital resource for protecting and educating the community from possibly hazardous lead exposure.

What You Can Expect from The Webinars

Attendees of the webinars will learn to use and tweak the Lead Awareness Curriculum to educate the community about lead exposure and ways to prevent it in children. The webinars do not mandate prior knowledge about lead or lead exposure. Moreover, the participants will receive a digital certification post completion of the session.

Webinar Dates and Registration

Date Time Language Registration
June 12, 2024 1–3:30 p.m. EDT Spanish Register here
June 25, 2024 1—3:30 p.m. EDT English Register here

Impact of EPA’s Community Lead Awareness Initiative

Last year, EPA launched its Community Lead Awareness Initiative, which involved free educational sessions amidst communities most susceptible to lead exposure. Since the initiative’s inception, over 2,800 individuals from 102 different communities participated in 127 such sessions. This initiative also aligns with the Agency-wide Lead Strategy released in 2022, aiming to diminish lead exposure and enlighten communities about the risks associated with it.

Get Involved in the Lead Awareness Initiative

To know more about the Lead Awareness Initiative or register for an upcoming webinar, click here.

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