Latest Pesticide News For Applicators 05/17/2024

PPE respirators

Join us on June 12, 2024, for a Crucial EPA Webinar

Equip yourself with knowledge on avoiding pollution in the automotive maintenance and repair industry with this exciting webinar, part of the EPA’s Pollution Prevention in Action Series. Learn from industry leaders how you can adopt pollution prevention techniques in your business.

Key Insights from Environmental Experts

Gain insights on successful pollution prevention projects funded by EPA. Get to know cleaner solvent alternatives in the automotive industry and understand the significance of conserving natural resources. The session features speakers from state agencies and public universities sharing their experiences.


Jennie RomerEPA Deputy Assistant Administrator for Pollution Prevention
Ashley WaldronArizona Department of Environmental Quality
Cris BrazilKansas State University
Jane PaulsonMinnesota Technical Assistance Program
David NorrisEPA Pollution Prevention Program
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The Pollution Prevention in Action Webinar Series

This series explores sustainability topics from PFAS elimination to source reduction in industrial sectors. It includes experts from various fields and provides strategies to prevent pollution. Webinars are scheduled for every second Wednesday until August 2024.

Register now for this informative webinar and help to promote pesticide safety and pollution prevention techniques in the automotive repair and maintenance industry. Interested parties can also subscribe to the EPA’s P2 Newsletter for more updates and resources on the subject.

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