The Best Lightweight Lawn Mowers for Tackling Your Yard in 2024

Using The best lightweight lawn mowers to maintain a top-tier lawn can be a pleasure, especially if you choose the right one for you. A lightweight lawn mower is perhaps one of the most valuable pieces of equipment for anyone with a small yard or a medium-sized yard. If you’re searching for the best lightweight mower, you need one that combines power, performance, and ease of operation. With an abundance of choices on the market, finding the right one can be a bit challenging. But don’t worry – we’ve done the groundwork to help you make an informed decision.

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Understanding the Different Types of Lawn Mowers

Before we proceed to our top picks, it’s crucial to understand the different types of lawn mowers available. Generally, these machines fall under two categories: gas-powered mowers and electric mowers. Electric mowers tend to fall into the best lightweight lawn mower category.

Gas-Powered Mowers

Gas mowers get their propulsion from a gasoline engine. These models are traditionally known for their high power output, making them ideal for toughest mowing tasks such as tackling long grass. However, their heft, noise, necessity for gas refills and the accompanying fumes can make them inconvenient for some users.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric lawnmowers are either corded or battery-powered. The corded variety connects to an extension cord and a power outlet, limiting users to a particular radius around the power source. Despite this constraint, they offer a fantastic performance, often rivaling that of gas mowers. Conversely, their battery-powered counterparts rely on battery power, typically lithium-ion batteries. These mowers are cordless, eliminating the risk of tripping over the power cord or being limited by its length.

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Both gas-powered mowers and battery-powered mowers offer self-propelled mowers, which helps takes the strain off of pushing the mower around. Combined with the light weight of the lawn mower makes for the best mowing experience. Choosing the exact best lawn mower comes down to your specific situation such as square feet.

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The Advantage of Lightweight Electric Mowers

Low weight is a highly regarded attribute in many appliances, and mowers are no exception. A lightweight mower is recommended for smaller gardens where maneuverability is key. Its light weight affords the user effortless control, allowing for swift and easy lawn maintenance.


One primary advantage of lightweight mowers is their ease of use. Their light weight makes them easy to operate, requiring minimal effort from the user. This feature is particularly beneficial to older individuals or those with limited physical strength.

Excellent for Smaller Gardens

As mentioned earlier, the light weight of these mowers enhances their maneuverability, making them perfect for small to medium-sized yards. With these electric models, navigating tight spots and corners becomes a breeze.

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Convenient Storage

The compact size and light weight of the best lightweight lawn mowers make them easy to store. They often have foldable handles or an upright position storage capability, maximizing your storage space.


Lightweight electric mowers have a negligible ecological footprint compared to gas lawn mowers. They don’t emit fumes or require oil changes — so they’re cleaner, quieter, and easy on the environment.

Best Lightweight Lawn Mowers for Superior Lawn Care in 2023

Taking care of your lawn becomes a breeze with the right tools. Electric lawn mowers, with their notable perks of low maintenance, no emissions, and quieter operation, have become a popular choice among homeowners. Here are the best electric lawn mowers worth considering in 2024.

Top-Notch Mowing with Ego LM2150SP Cordless Mower

The Ego LM2150SP Cordless Mower effortlessly clinches the title as the best overall lightweight electric lawn mower. Armed with a high-torque, high-efficiency brushless motor and a durable deck, this mower offers precision cutting and long-lasting performance. The cordless design ensures a tangle-free mowing experience. Catering to different lawn conditions, Ego’s cordless gem makes mowing effortless and enjoyable.

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Superior Performance: Ego LM2167SP Electric Lawn Mower

If you are on the lookout for a potent blend of power and performance, the Ego LM2167SP Electric Lawn Mower is worth considering. Equipped with a brushless motor, this self-propel mower provides reliable performance. The generous cutting width makes it suitable for medium to large-sized gardens, and the adjustable cutting heights allow for user personalization based on the lawn conditions.

American-Made Excellence: Ryobi RY401150US Self-Propelled Electric Mower

If supporting American manufacturers is a priority, consider the Ryobi RY401150US. This particular self-propelled electric mower boasts a sleek design coupled with practical features. With its impressive battery life, you can cover a substantial area before the need to recharge. The Ryobi’s intelligent brushless motor provides efficient performance, making it ideal for regular lawn maintenance.

Best for the Budget: Echo DLM2100 SP Electric Lawn Mower

The Echo DLM2100 SP Electric Lawn Mower offers an excellent blend of performance and value. The powerful brushless motor ensures optimal efficiency, and its self-propelled design minimizes user fatigue. Compact and easy to maneuver, this mower is ideal for homeowners with smaller yards looking for an affordable, high-quality lawn care tool.

Best for Artistic Lawn Patterns: Toro 6123 Stripe Dual-Blade Self-Propelled Mower

Feature your lawn as a canvas with the Toro 6123 Stripe Dual-blade Self-propelled mower. Known for its exceptional striping capability, the Toro 6123 allows you to level up lawn aesthetics with minimalist or intricate stripe patterns. With its power, versatility, and unique aesthetic offering, this mower offers a mowing experience unlike any other.

I use the Toro Lawn Striping System on my lawn. I found filling the cylinder up about 75% with sand offered the best lines without feeling too heavy.

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Greenworks: One Of The Best Lightweight Lawn mowers You Can Buy

General Overview:

Greenworks always delivers top-tier outdoor power equipment; their lightweight lawnmowers are no exception.

Their machines are powered by remarkable lithium-ion batteries, ensuring enough power to keep your lawn manicured on a single charge. Their lightweight mowers also feature easy height adjustment, a sizable cutting deck for quick and efficient mowing, and a rear bag for collecting grass clippings. It is undoubtedly your best option if you’re looking for a mower that combines power, performance, and lightweight design.  

If you’re searching for a ride on electric mower, check out Greenworks Ride On Mower With Bagger. You can use promo code “SpringFF10” for 10% off your purchase!

The All-Around Utility of Greenworks 24V POWERALL System

The Greenworks 24V POWERALL™ system is a cut above the rest in lawn care utilities. The system is anchored by 24V lithium-ion batteries, which not only deliver 20% more power but also increase run-time by up to 35%. This makes a notable difference in productivity and efficiency. Importantly, Greenworks batteries maintain their power strength even after recharging, eliminating the worry of performance drop-off common with traditional batteries.

2x24V Brushless Lawn Mower: Seamless and Efficient Lawn Maintenance

The 2x24V Brushless Lawn Mower enhances the lawn-care experience with its intelligent technology. This mower delivers double the torque, performance, and run-time of traditional models, all while providing quieter operation. It includes the SmartCut™ Technology that automatically adjusts the mower’s power depending on the grass’s thickness – promoting an optimal cut every time. It affords you a choice of either side discharging or mulching for a healthier lawn. Plus, easy push-button starting and a balanced 19″ deck size make this mower a user-friendly asset for any lawn size.

24V Cordless String Trimmer: Control and Convenience Combined

Jump into the toughest grass and weeds with this tool: the power of a TORQDRIVE motor creates 30% more torque, and variable speed control and a 10″ cut line let you trim to your needs. Unique to the Greenworks design is an integrated USB port, which can charge your portable devices when you’re at work in the yard.

24V 320 CFM Cordless Leaf Blower: Precision for Leaf and Debris Removal

The 24V leaf blower from the POWERALL system houses a robust motor that removes leaves and debris at 90 MPH and 320 CFM. Choose between two speeds and control the power you need for different yard tasks. A concentrator nozzle creates a focused air stream for precise cleaning of crevices and grooves. The blower also includes a USB port for handy device charging.

Why Choose Greenworks?

Greenworks brings to lawn care some important advantages over traditional methods. Gardening becomes simpler and more enjoyable as you can forget about the gasoline smell, the mess, the noise, and the need for tune-ups. Best of all, these emission-free tools, are lightweight, are healthier for you and the environment.

Other options:

Ryobi Lightweight Lawn Mower

Ryobi is another brand synonymous with quality and innovation in the tool industry. This lightweight lawnmower from Ryobi features a powerful brushless motor that delivers gas-like power. It also boasts a load-sensing technology that enhances its performance, allowing it to tackle thick grass without draining the battery. An easy height adjustment allows you to cut grass at your preferred height, while its compact design enables easy storage.

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These fantastic options incorporate world-class design, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly features. Whether you opt for a Greenworks or a Ryobi model, you’ll own a tool that perfectly balances power and lightweight design, delivering a beautifully manicured lawn every time. Ryobi’s lightweight lawn mowers are available at Home Depot.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Lawn Mowers

When selecting a lawn mower, several features and factors come into play. Here, we answer some common queries, including specifics on equipment and the suitability of electric mowers for different scenarios.

What Makes a Mower ‘Self-Propelled’?

A self-propelled mower is designed to move forward on its own using a drive system, reducing the effort required to push the mower. When engaged, the self-propelled feature propels the mower at a steady pace, allowing you to focus on steering rather than pushing.

How Does a Lithium-Ion Battery Work in a Lawn Mower?

Lawn mowers powered by lithium-ion batteries are often cordless for ease of use. The batteries provide the electric power to start the mower and run the motor. This battery type is more energy-dense and suffers less memory effect, meaning the battery does not need to be fully discharged before recharging. This results in longer battery life and run time, creating less interruption during the mowing process.

How Do Reel Mowers Compare to Electric Mowers?

Reel mowers use a different cutting mechanism: cylindrical blades spin vertically and cut against a stationary blade, providing a scissors-like cutting motion. This results in a precise cut and healthier grass. However, they require more physical effort than electric mowers and are best suited for smaller, flatter yards.

Can Electric Mowers Adjust to Different Grass Heights?

Yes, electric mowers often come with adjustable height settings. This height adjustment ability allows you to cut your grass to your preferred length, contributing to a healthier and more aesthetic lawn.

Are There Electric Mowers Suitable for Large Areas?

While electric mowers are often recommended for smaller to medium-sized gardens, several robust models, like self-propelled and riding electric mowers, are designed to handle larger yards efficiently. Key factors to consider for larger areas include battery life, deck size, and the mower’s power.

What is a ‘Start Button’?

Electric mowers generally feature a ‘start button’, making them easier to start than traditional gas mowers. By simply pressing this button, the mower starts or stops instantly, veering away from the manual efforts of pulling a cord to start.

Can Electric Mowers Cut Through Thick Grass?

Electric mowers, especially those equipped with powerful motors and quality blades, can tackle thick grass. However, it’s advisable to set the cutting height to a higher setting when mowing thicker grass to avoid straining the motor.

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Are Electric Mowers Easy to Store?

One of the primary advantages of electric mowers is their compactness, contributing to their easy storage. Many models have collapsible or adjustable handles or can be stored in an upright position, minimizing their storage space requirement.

Is There a Lightweight Electric Mower that Can Cover my Whole Yard on a Single Charge?

The ability of a battery-powered mower to cover an entire yard on a single charge depends on the yard size and battery capacity. As a rule, lithium-ion batteries offer longer run time. However, for yards larger than half an acre, you might have to recharge or switch batteries.

In conclusion, the “best” lawn mower varies based on the user’s specific needs. For some, the quiet operation and minimal maintenance of a battery-powered mower might be the best option. Others might opt for the physical activity of a reel mower, or the expanded coverage of a self-propelled model. What’s important is that the mower you choose suits your lawn needs and personal preference, guaranteeing a well-kept and healthy lawn.

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